What Is Your Main Goal?

Easy Goal Exercise

Here is an easy goal exercise!  Relax, take it slow, and have fun.

What are some of your goals? You might have a few of them.

What do you think, these days, is your main goal – the goal that would make the most significant difference to your life if you were to accomplish it?

Think about that goal. Really see it working out in the way you would like. What do you see as you let the images brighten and expand? What do you hear as your goal takes shape?

See yourself achieving your goal: where are you, what is going on? Notice how you feel as it all comes together.

Now, take a look at your current to-do list.

Identify just two action steps that align with your goal. Move them to the top of your list.
Create a timeline for each action step: when will you do each one and when will you have it done by?
See yourself completing those two action steps. What opens up then?