12 counselling benefits clients say are of great value to them:

“I got to simply talk and be heard.  It’s been a long time since someone really listened to me, and new things opened up because I felt heard.  This helped me clarify my way forward.”

“I love the safety of this kind of counselling conversation.  I felt really safe to just open up and explore things that I’ve kept bottled up for quite awhile. What a relief to put it out there and then simply let it sit – it was really good.”

“It’s wonderful to just speak when you know the person listening to you is not invested in what you decide or conclude or choose to do.  There is no judgment.  It’s great to be able to talk and not feel judged, sized up, second-guessed.”

“Being able to talk through my frustrations shifted me from a state of stress and tension to a state of peace and calm.  For me, that was worth it, and really valuable.  And: I found ways to do this for myself, outside of the counselling sessions.”

“I went in feeling uncomfortable in a specific relationship, and talking about it helped me make sense of the situation.  I realized that I got to decide how to set my boundaries, and I let go of some “shoulds”  that were really getting in my way.  The whole exercise made a great difference.”

“I just want to be happy and to feel good more of the time.  Identifying my challenges and frustrations clarified parts of my life where I could make small changes.  Those small changes lead to big positive results.”

“I had no idea about goals, and felt a bit lost.  Being able to explore my interests in a structured and creative way helped me formulate doable goals.  I can now create my own action steps and feel a sense of fulfillment and pride in achieving my goals big and small.”

“Was I ever disorganized.  I felt overwhelmed by all the clutter at home and at work. Counselling helped me to clean up my life, literally.  De-cluttering has opened up space – including in my mind.  Now I can get on with things I really want to do a lot more easily.”

“I had this negative self-talk going on.  Always on my own case.  In counselling, I learned how to focus on my strengths, talents, and skills.  I shifted to seeing myself as a good person.  This was really valuable for me, and makes a difference in my day-to-day life.”

“Since I’ve been in counselling, others – both at home and at work – say that I am simply easier to talk with and am more relaxed.  I feel it too.  Things that bothered me before are less of an issue, and I feel more available for others. This is a win-win.”

“Scheduling.  Organizing my time.  Prioritizing daily tasks.  Being able to get through the day with “me-time” built right in: this has been a great relief.”

“Through counselling, I simply got a much better sense of who I am and how I do things.  This has increased my confidence and sense of self worth. Counselling helped me to find my true voice, and find my place within my own life, within my own self.  It has left me feeling empowered.”

Which of these benefits stands out for you?
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“I am so very happy to have met the counsellor Julia Olsen. I am very happy to share that there have been quite a few changes I have made since I had sessions with her.

She helped me sort out and prioritize issues I had had for a long time and made me feel that I am more in control of my life than I thought possible before.

All those little and not so little discoveries had a positive impact on me and as a result the level of stress I experienced before has been reduced to a big extent.”

Client RL

“My experience working with Julia has been very rewarding. After only our first meeting, I already felt ‘lighter’ and more able to focus on the situation with which I had been floundering for some time. Julia not only listened closely but was able to ask the right questions to steer me to the heart of the matter. She helped me regain the confidence to make personal decisions and accept that we each have the responsibility to meet our own needs. I feel as though I have had a tune up on my relationship and interpersonal skills!”

Client MS