Whole self counselling includes a look at eating habits, exercise and sleep. Clients tell me that counselling which supports the well-being of their physical body definitely contributes to feeling better over all.

People want counselling for specific, personal reasons, but one common denominator is whole self wellness. When you eat well, get the exercise that works for you and sleep better, you do better, on the whole, day to day. The rewards are valuable, and worth it.

Eating Habits:

What is working well for you? What habits, patterns or imbalances do you have that you feel are getting in your way to living a healthier, happier life? If you were to make any changes here, what might they be?

When you clarify your best approaches to optimizing your healthy lifestyle and tweak your strategies in doable, practical ways, counselling can help to hold you accountable. Sometimes making small changes to your eating habits can result in big positive shifts in your state of mind.

Exercise and Movement:

How important is it for you to feel good in your physical body?  How does the way you move day to day support your sense of flexibility and sense of well being?  Whole self counselling provides you with opportunities to align what you want to achieve in terms of physical wellness with what you do through the day.


Becoming aware of how you approach your whole world of sleep helps you to sleep well.  It can be really productive to see what easy changes you can make in your waking minutes that translate into better sleeping hours.

Imagine if you slept better, overall, consistently.  What differences would this make to other areas of your life?  How would significant others in your life benefit from a more rested and relaxed version of you?

A healthier body supports a healthier mind and a more lively, dynamic, enriched sense of spirit.  When you are in a good state of mind, body and spirit, you can field life events much more easily and effectively, and enjoy the abundance that comes from feeling well.

“My entire life, I struggled to wake up in the morning and get to school or work on time.  As a student and employee I was always right on time or late, and my mornings were hectic and stressful.   For years I wanted to change this but I couldn’t.  I finally decided to meet with Julia and have a few sessions with her.  During the sessions, she helped me express my frustrations and more importantly, she equipped me with some methods and techniques to change my situation.  At first, I struggled a bit.  However now, only after 3 months of sessions, I have changed my morning routine completely.  I now wake up on time, get ready in a calm manner and even get to work EARLY!  The satisfaction I get from having been able to change is quite motivating in itself.  Thank you Julia.”

Client MA