Giving your spirit some voice and being sensitive to its genius enhances your sense of well-being on a deep level, and also benefits your mind and body as well.


The feeling of spirit may be akin to the feeling of living from a clear sense of presence. Spirit includes what truly matters to you. Spirit may be expressed through what you value, and may be enhanced to the degree you live in alignment with your values.


Spirit involves what living your life means to you, the meaning that you make out of your life, day-to-day. What is worth working and living for? What do you get up in the morning for? What do you stand for?


How do you create fulfillment? To what degree do you feel genuinely engaged with your own life as you are living it? What fascinates you about your experience within your life, and in what ways do you present as fascinating to others you engage with? Where is the value, what is the point?


How do you experience overall sense of connection – connection to your self within your self, connection to those you love and care about around you, and connection to something bigger or greater that has meaning for you? All this is the arena of spirit. Along with mind and body, whole self counselling folds all that is related to spirit into your complete sense of being and living your life, as you.

Talking can help you to explore your values. What matters? As with exercise, what are you after? Many are looking for clarity, which can result from understanding in your mind “Why?” and then re-framing that understanding in a way that reveals meaningful direction to take with a vigorous renewed sense of purpose.

Beyond Clarity:

But lets think even bigger than clarity. Let’s assume you get clear in ways that matter to you – then what? Once you have the clarity, what do you imagine will be important? Some say: status. Some say: autonomy. For some, core values are all about inspiration, creativity, and living from a state of flow. Others say: being sure, living with a sense of certainty. Then there is peace, and calm. Feeling centered and grounded. Others say that what is important is relationship, love. Others say: justice, equality, fairness. There are as many meaningful spiritual values as there are individuals.

Approaching whole self wellness from the place of your spirit lets you become your own torch. Clarifying your values allows you to basically guide your own self forward. When you take the time to identify what is truly important for you, you become the map that you are looking for. You become aligned with your own sense of self, able to enjoy a clearer sense of direction and live with a greater sense of purpose.

Powerful Questions:

Imagine, through talking about what really matters to you, you got closer and closer to your truth, closer to what you really value, closer to what fuels the meaning at the core of your choices, decisions and actions each day. Tuned into what you want and hope to achieve through your counselling engagement, I will ask you powerful questions to inspire your thinking and challenge your mindset, helping you to catalyze awareness as you progress over a few sessions. People love the opportunity to explore their values in this way, and find the process engaging, interesting and even exciting.


If you were to see and experience yourself as spiritually refreshed, what difference would that make? What impact does being more spiritually present in your life have on the quality of your happiness? What does happiness mean, for you? Let’s explore the nature of your happiness: what it takes for you to truly feel happy, engaged, creatively inspired, and living more often from a state of sustained flow.

Perhaps its not so much about what is “the” secret to happiness, but what is your secret to happiness. An exercising of the spirit in whole self counselling can lead to some valuable discoveries, and an increased sense of fulfillment and well-being.