Clients say these are the top 20 areas of counselling that help them most:

“Personal development: exploring, clarifying and developing my sense of self and who I am.”

“Individuation: cultivating courage and finding ways to truly be my self as an individual within a family instead of feeling lost in it.  I’ve achieved a greater degree of healthy independence, confidence and increased self esteem.”

“Identifying boundaries and learning how to say “no”.  This has improved all my relationships.”

“Taking a clear look at anxiety from fresh perspectives and becoming more aware of the structures, dynamics and expressions of my anxiety.”

“Interpersonal relationships and communication skills with significant others including my partner, my parents, my kids, my teens, my coworkers.”

“Relationship and marriage counselling.  Finding new ways to communicate effectively together.  Negotiating and creating agreements that are mutually supportive.  Getting clear and real about our personal and shared life goals – hearing each other, and getting heard.”

“Exploring my life path and career interests.”

“Taking my fears in hand, and learning new ways to think about the future and the unknown, uncertainties and all.  Discovering inner resources of strength, staying-power and follow-through I didn’t realize I had.”

“Navigating life transitions such as when your children grow up and leave home.  Also shifting from the busy schedule of work and career to a less structured lifestyle of semi or full retirement.”

“Working through the burden of guilt I’ve been carrying, and finally being able to put this down and move on.”

“Identifying choices and making difficult decisions through implementing useful strategies.”

“Finding a sense of purpose, direction and meaning in my life.”

“Gaining perspective on my obsessions and compulsions, and discovering effective ways to create balance and a sense of inner calm and freedom.”

“Wellness including eating habits, diet, exercise, sleep.  Finally dealing with the sugar addiction has been a game-changer.”

“Work-life balance, stress management.”

“Grief, loss, and the sadness associated with it – realizing I have more than one way to view and make sense of my loss – which eases the pain of the grief”.

“Finding peace and calm, and developing a sense of presence and focus through mindfulness practice.”

“Organization related to stuff, clutter, time management, scheduling, and prioritizing.”

“Exploring values and clarifying what really matters to me in my life.”

“Identifying my goals and dreams and creatively formulating steps to achieve them.”

“My sessions with Julia came at a time when I was experiencing a number of unexpected and significant changes to my life.

I found the sessions to be extremely helpful in understanding my relationships with others, particularly the relationships that were causing tension and frustration in my life. I walked away from each session with a set of tools and knowledge that I was able to use and apply immediately. The sessions also helped me see my relationships and frustration in a different light.

It has been a pleasure working with Julia and she has truly assisted me. I have noticed a positive shift in the manner in which I react to certain situations and people. Overall, I am a much calmer person than I was before I met with Julia.”

Client JL

“For years, I’ve been trying to “declutter” my life. I’d read the self-help books, tried to use some of the common techniques, but wasn’t having much success in moving forward.

A friend recommended Julia. I thought: unless she’s going to come to my home and clean it herself, how can she possibly help me?

Amazingly, in each session, Julia asks just the right questions that trigger an idea, a goal, a plan, and an action step. I’m not “there” yet, but with Julia’s help, I’m taking the steps towards finally getting organized and achieving my goal.”

Client JG