Below are some useful and informative links related to high-functioning autism/Asperger’s Syndrome in adults, ADHD, and the highly sensitive person HSP.


On high-functioning autism in adults:
15:44 Autism: How to be normal (and why not to be)
A TED talk by Jolene Stockman
30:00 Autism: A Quick Trip to My Home Planet
A TED talk by Monique Botha
13:20 Why everything you know about autism is wrong
A TED talk by Jac den Houting
17:11 Invisible Diversity: A Story of Undiagnosed Autism
A TED talk by Carrie Beckwith-Fellows
17:32 The beautiful reality of autism
A TED talk by Guy Shahar
12:17 My brain isn’t broken
A TED talk by Tashi Baiguerra
6:01 How autism freed me to be myself
A TED talk by Rosie King
13:18 Pros and Cons of Seeking an Adult Diagnosis – Aspergers/Autism/ASD

On ADHD in adults:
13:36 ADHD As A Difference in Cognition, Not A Disorder
A TED talk by Stephan Tonti
15:00 ADHD as an Entrepreneur’s Superpower
A TED talk by John Torrens

On highly sensitive people HSP:
8:29 13 Things Only Highly Sensitive People Understand
7:08 8 Signs You’re a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)
4:58 6 Different Types of Highly Sensitive People
7:46 13 Problems Only Highly Sensitive People Understand
46:08 Understanding the Highly Sensitive Person
Talks at Google by Alane Freund
50:43 How stress and overwhelm manifests in highly sensitive people
By Heidi Sawyer
Dr. Elain Aron’s Self Test for Highly Sensitive People (27 item checklist)
32:26 Elain Aron – A Talk on High Sensitivity Part 1 of 3: Research
15:23 Elain Aron – A Talk on High Sensitivity Part 2 of 3: Life
50:09 Elain Aron- A Talk on High Sensitivity Part 3 of 3: Complete Q&A
15:53 The gentle power of highly sensitive people
A TED talk by Elena Herdieckerhoff

Is high-functioning autism/Asperger’s Syndrome the same or different to HSP?  Check this article:
6-minute read: Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and Female Autism Are The Same In Some Cases – sorry, Elain Aron, but you could be wrong about this one.  By Kristen Hovet

In the article above, Kristen Hovet provides the following two links.  It is possible to see the overlap between high-functioning autism/Asperger’s Syndrome and HSP:
Article: Females And Asperger’s: A Checklist
Article: Aspienwomen: Moving towards an adult female profile of Autism/Asperger Syndrome