“I have worked with Julia on two separate occasions for personal relationship issues.  Julia is by far the most comprehensive counselling I have ever experienced.  Julia has an uncanny ability to cut to the heart of the matter and keep you focused on the issues to be resolved. When you are in your most pain or upset, Julia is the voice of reason and calm, while still getting you to look after yourself and work out what is really troubling you.

It has been my pleasure to work with Julia.  Her knowledge and experience shine through in every conversation and you are left at the end of each session a little wiser and a little more sure footed of your next steps when everything feels like it’s falling apart.  Julia works with you to get you back on solid ground and keep you moving in a positive direction.

I can’t say enough good things about my experience working with Julia.  I do know that I would not be here to write this recommendation for you to read if it weren’t for Julia‘s wisdom and guidance this year.  Our conversations gave me the tools I needed to move from surviving to thriving at life.”

Client SM

“My experience working with Julia has been very rewarding. After only our first meeting, I already felt ‘lighter’ and more able to focus on the situation with which I had been floundering for some time. Julia not only listened closely but was able to ask the right questions to steer me to the heart of the matter. She helped me regain the confidence to make personal decisions and accept that we each have the responsibility to meet our own needs. I feel as though I have had a tune up on my relationship and interpersonal skills!”

Client MS

“I started working with Julia at a particularly tumultuous time in my life. I felt like I really needed support and attention to work out what shape I wanted my life to be, how I wanted to be in the world.

My work with Julia has been really transformative. In our sessions, we explored my feelings, the questions I had about my life, and how I wanted to move forwards, often using images that emerged spontaneously and turned out to be powerful tools that helped me shift my awareness to new and more grounded perspectives.

As we continued to work together, I felt a growing connection to my awareness, my imagination, and my goals. Her attention to words and feeling, her thoughtful questions, and her commitment to presence have supported me in developing my own tools and approaches to navigating my internal terrain. Often, a session will result in a deep awareness – a feeling of returning to by body, of a sense of belonging in the world. Working with Julia has really helped me develop a practice of being deeply human in awareness.”

Client NK

“My sessions with Julia came at a time when I was experiencing a number of unexpected and significant changes to my life.

I found the sessions to be extremely helpful in understanding my relationships with others, particularly the relationships that were causing tension and frustration in my life. I walked away from each session with a set of tools and knowledge that I was able to use and apply immediately. The sessions also helped me see my relationships and frustration in a different light.

It has been a pleasure working with Julia and she has truly assisted me. I have noticed a positive shift in the manner in which I react to certain situations and people. Overall, I am a much calmer person than I was before I met with Julia.”

Client JL

“For years, I’ve been trying to “declutter” my life. I’d read the self-help books, tried to use some of the common techniques, but wasn’t having much success in moving forward.

A friend recommended Julia. I thought: unless she’s going to come to my home and clean it herself, how can she possibly help me?

Amazingly, in each session, Julia asks just the right questions that trigger an idea, a goal, a plan, and an action step. I’m not “there” yet, but with Julia’s help, I’m taking the steps towards finally getting organized and achieving my goal.”

Client JG

“My entire life, I struggled to wake up in the morning and get to school or work on time.  As a student and employee I was always right on time or late, and my mornings were hectic and stressful.   For years I wanted to change this but I couldn’t.  I finally decided to meet with Julia and have a few sessions with her.  During the sessions, she helped me express my frustrations and more importantly, she equipped me with some methods and techniques to change my situation.  At first, I struggled a bit.  However now, only after 3 months of sessions, I have changed my morning routine completely.  I now wake up on time, get ready in a calm manner and even get to work EARLY!  The satisfaction I get from having been able to change is quite motivating in itself.  Thank you Julia.”

Client MA

“I had counselling sessions with Julia for almost six months and it has been life changing. I love her insight, and her consummate professional skills have helped me to realize my potential. Our sessions have contributed to a true paradigm shift, and this has allowed me to formulate techniques and strategies so that I can achieve my goals in my professional as well as personal life. I am enjoying the benefits and recommend Julia as a life counsellor for those looking to take some great strides forward.”

Client SF

“I am so very happy to have met the counsellor Julia Olsen. I am very happy to share that there have been quite a few changes I have made since I had sessions with her.

She helped me sort out and prioritize issues I had had for a long time and made me feel that I am more in control of my life than I thought possible before.

All those little and not so little discoveries had a positive impact on me and as a result the level of stress I experienced before has been reduced to a big extent.”

Client RL

“Over the past year, I had been searching for self-fulfillment, and a more positive life outlook. In previous experiences, I had met with various professionals to help me grow and deal with negative-impacting events that had occurred in my life. However, these were very text-book in their approach and were only somewhat successful. More recently, I had undergone an extremely low period in my personal life, which expedited my search for someone to guide me through this part of life’s journey. I had the fortuitous opportunity to meet Julia.

Julia introduced me to a completely new approach, applicable to modern experiences and expectations. Through her gentle guidance, she allowed me to explore the path of self-illumination and positivity, rather than enforcing a text book ideal of how I should respond to situations. In just six sessions, she gave me the tools to conquer the negative issues I was experiencing at the time, and the knowledge to utilize these tools for managing potential future negative experiences. She is a caring counsellor, allowing me to determine the solution that best suited me, by pointing the way to a new way to perceive the world around me. Her counselling style is extremely successful and highly recommended. Julia has helped me to look forward with a new perspective in my quest for ongoing spiritual evolution and self-awareness.”

Client JC