Welcome to this safe place.

I offer counselling support specifically for:

Adults with high-functioning autism
Asperger’s syndrome
Highly sensitive people (HSP)

I share the view that these are ways of being for life, and as such I do not “treat” the person nor the condition.  I am aligned with those who say that these are diverse ways of being and are not disabilities or something to be fixed or changed.  There is nothing to pathologize here.

Support for dealing with everyday challenges:

At the same time, given the environments in which we live, we acknowledge the struggle.  Challenges arise every day.  For instance, every day, all kinds of stimulation crowds in from all angles, and the person is forced to contend as best they can.

The attempts to cope and manage effectively are often burdensome, stressful, anxiety-provoking, exhausting, triggering and outright overwhelming.

I help people find ways to manage better in order to navigate their day better, cope better and feel better on an everyday basis.

I offer support for these kinds of things:

Social and interaction concerns
Communication and expression
Emotion regulation
Anxiety, stress, worry
Fears related to trying new things
Organization of stuff
Scheduling of time
Planning and working with goals
Life transitions
Personal growth

It can be really good to know that when you feel you need it, there is a counsellor to listen to you – someone you feel safe to speak with, someone you feel really gets you.

It doesn’t matter if you have any formal diagnosis or not – you are welcome to see if the kind of counselling support I provide might be what you’re looking for.

How can I be of help – specifically for you? 

I appreciate that you might well be here with very specific needs in mind.  What I do is listen to what YOUR needs are and what you want to get out of speaking with someone.  Imagine speaking with someone where you don’t ever feel boxed into an agenda or that you’re being nudged into some kind of “fix”.

The kind of counselling I offer is not about changing emotions or behaviours in the bid to help you “fit in”.  Instead, here is a place where you can take a step back and get to know your own emotions.  As a result, this valuable perspective enables you to be who you are and feel good about who you are.

Also, some find it helpful just to share bottled-up emotions with a counsellor who listens with respect and without judgement.

And, it can be very freeing to just be able to speak about your struggles and challenges without someone trying to question you or change your strategies or float solutions your way.  Just to freely talk can at times be the relief you’re looking for.

Each person is different.  Consequently, each conversation with each individual is different.  I am interested in what you – specifically – bring to your sessions.   I am interested in hearing what your needs are and what you feel you want to focus on.

Cultivating well-being…

Many find that gaining perspective, expanding self-awareness, learning, and the development of management skills can all contribute to an increased sense of well-being, personal empowerment and improved quality of life.

If you would like to see if we are a good fit, we can have a 20-minute chat on the phone, no charge.  Please send an email so that we can set up the time.

I look forward to hearing from you.